An idea - OUT of the BOX

This domain is used for this idea: Keep your email signature NOT in the BODY TEXT of the email, but ONLINE on the net as a WEBPAGE. In your email client/program you make a LINK to the webpage.


All email signatures in the world to be only ONE LINE !

For years I have been annoyed wasting my time scrolling thru emails with LOOONGGG boring and irrelevant signatures. Click the image, signatures like this:

Now my email signature looks like this: and when you click, you go to a webpage with my information.

The above idea is free to use for all those, who already have a website - companies etc. Use the menus to see email signatures AS WEBPAGES


  1. After sending 2-3 mails with another person, the email signature is NOT annoying with 10-12 lines, that you have to scroll thru
  2. If you look at an email, that I send you seven years ago, my data is up to date, IF I keep my data up to date on the webpage holding my signature