All email signatures in the world to be only ONE LINE !

For years I have been annoyed wasting my time scrolling thru emails with LOOONGGG boring and irrelevant signatures. Click the image, signatures like this:

Back in 1970'es the purpose of email was QUICK and SIMPLE communication, nothing else. During time emails have been used to promote this and that and grew in size with more lines, more images and more tables: TERRIBLE.

In my email program I am forced to click in the email's content and scroll VERY much to see what I and the other person have previously written - waste of time.

Now my email signature looks like this: and when you click, you go to a webpage with my information.

The above idea is free to use for all those, who already have a website - companies etc.

You may also click here to send me an email and you get an autoreply. Watch my short signature. You will understand it, when you see it.